[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 8

September 27, 2012 in Japan

Moving from Nagoya to Osaka was a very special trip for me. Why? Back in 2003, I’ve watched a documentary on TV about Japan and that was before my first visit to Japan in Summer 2003. On that documentary, they’ve showed how convenient and enjoyable is riding a shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka and the shinkansen on the documentary was “のぞみ” (Hope – الأمل). In 2012, I’ve booked my ticket on “のぞみ” shinkansen toward Osaka!  

In Osaka, I’ve visited places that I didn’t get the chance to see during my previous visits, except for Dotonbori and a couple of other major areas in Osaka! Osaka is more lively! Although it was winter, but in Osaka I’ve really felt the liveliness of summer vacations.

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  1. E. says:

    Really didn’t think that Japan is a beautiful country but after reading your blog it’s kind of amazing .
    Nice Reviews :)


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