The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee – 昆虫物語みなしごハッチ – مغامرات نحول , بشار

July 1, 2010 in Anime Kuwait

“ Konchuu Monogatari: Minashigo Hutch is a 1989 remake of the 1970 classic anime series The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee, sharing its original Japanese title.  

The show follows the original series’ main storyline, and tells the adventure of a young bee who searches for his missing queen bee mother. Like the 1970 show, this remake is notable for its sad and cruel scripts, often featuring the deaths of the protagonist’s friends.” (Wikipedia & Anime News Network, accessed June ’10)

This anime was continuously aired on arab TV channels and for a reason it’s no more aired! Here I’m pointing to part I (مغامرات نحول، بشار) not the newer one (سوار العسل).  I still remember watching it during the invasion on the TVchannel of Saudi Arabia around 8ish AM with siblings and cousins! The anime was sad, as well as the invasion…

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  1. Pisces Chick says:

    Childhood memories *sigh* (~.~)

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